What policies/procedures have you instituted regarding the Corona Virus pandemic?

Safety has always been a way of life at Global Friendship House.  Our top priority is the exceptional care for our residents and staff.  We practice state-of-the art sanitization, professional cleaning, social distancing, monitoring access/egress and wearing of masks in common/public areas (as long as indicated).  We remain passionate about connecting the world safely!

Where is the GLOBE located?

Our address is 1241 W. 43rd Street, Norfolk, VA 23508.  We are located adjacent to the south side of the Old Dominion University campus across from the ODU library.

How old is the GLOBE?

New as of January 2019

Are you currently leasing?

Yes, you can apply now to live in The GLOBE.  Download an application or e-mail globalfriendshiphouseodu@gmail.com to apply.

Why should I live at the GLOBE?

  • On-site staff with international experience;
  • Live with others who want to be in an international community
  • Regular activities designed for international students
  • Local community connections
  • American travel and cultural opportunities
  • All new furnished accommodations

What is the difference between The GLOBE and other housing opportunities?

  • An inter-generational, internationally experienced on-site staff.
  • Domestic and international students living together with the intention of teaching and learning from one another from a cultural/practical perspective (75% international and 25% US residents.)
  • Activities in-house to address specific cultural and practical needs of international students.
  • Connection to the ODU and Hampton Roads community.
  • Opportunities to connect with Americans, culture and sites beyond the local community.
  • Each resident member will agree to certain codes of conduct which will encourage a good living/study environment.

Can I pay my rent online with a credit card?

Yes, you can pay online with a credit card using our convenient RentPayment service. A service fee applies to credit card payments. You can also pay using direct debit from your checking account or by PayPal.

Do I need my own furniture?

No! The GLOBE is fully furnished!

Do I need to arrange for utilities (water, gas, electric, trash, internet)?

No! Utilities (electricity, heat, air conditioning, water, sewage, trash, and internet) are included so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of calling each of the utility companies. All utilities and wired and wireless internet are included for a low $90 per month fee. Internet usage above 10 GB per month may require an extra fee. Cable TV is not included.

Are utilities included in the rent price?

All utilities are included for a separate $90 monthly utility fee.

What does the rent include?

The rent includes a fully-furnished living space and use of the GLOBE’s common areas, study rooms, lounge, game room, and more.  A separate fee of $90 per month will be charged for utilities.

Is this a 12-month lease?

12-month leases are the norm however shorter leases may be approved on a case-by-case basis.  Two efficiency apartments are available for visiting scholars who need a shorter-term lease.

Can I sublease at the GLOBE?

No, sub-leases are not permitted.

Is there parking at the GLOBE?

No. Commuter parking passes are available from Old Dominion University for a fee.

Where is the closest bus stop to the GLOBE?

The Monarch Transit stop is across the street and the local Hampton Roads Transit stops are within a block of the GLOBE!

Will I be able to cook my meals?

Yes. There is a fully equipped kitchen on each floor including microwave ovens as well as a full-sized refrigerator, stove, and plenty of cabinet space. Each kitchen has 2 cooking stations. The two efficiencies have mini-kitchens.

Is there on-site staff?

Yes. The GLOBE has internationally experienced on-site staff on a daily basis.

Are there food options nearby?

Yes. ODU offers a meal plan and also has a large food court.  Additionally, there are many fast food and restaurant opportunities within a short walk of the GLOBE.

Why do you think another housing complex was needed at ODU?

This is more than a housing complex. The GLOBE is built and operated by a 501(c)(3) organization, Global Friendship Ventures (GFV), and aims to connect lives of international and domestic students and people in the Norfolk community. It is designed to be a home away from home for students and not just a place to live.

Can you tell me the specifics of the GLOBE in terms of how many rooms it has, how many students can live there, and any other cool features of the GLOBE?

There are 40 rooms housing 58 residents.  These are single and double dorm-style units and community bathrooms on two floors. Each unit has a bed, nightstand, desk, chair and wardrobe/dresser for each resident. There is also one dorm-size refrigerator in each room. Other benefits include secure entry, free Wi-Fi throughout the building, utilities, study rooms, game room and conversation lounge.

Where can I find the Resident Handbook?

Click here to download the Resident Handbook.

Who can live at the GLOBE?

Global Friendship House is an international cultural and educational community program for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at Old Dominion University and is a private club not open to the public, as set forth in 42 U.S. Code Section 3607. Its primary purpose is to provide international students attending Old Dominion University, as future world leaders, the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations in which ideas and faith are respected and explored through activities, service, and friendship. Incidental to this primary purpose, Global Friendship House, LLC provides lodgings that it owns and operates for its charitable, non-commercial purpose. The rental of such lodgings is limited to Global Friendship House members.

Members will experience the challenges of cross-cultural living in the 24/7 residential program and learn by sharing life together with approximately 60 individuals drawn from the various nationalities attending Old Dominion University.

To become a member, an applicant must meet the following qualifications:

  • current enrollment as an undergraduate or graduate student at Old Dominion University or holding of a position as a Visiting Scholar at Old Dominion University
  • agreement to abide by the international living guidelines set forth in the Global Friendship House Residence Life Manual
  • agreement to participate in and contribute to the activities of the international community program
  • having an open mind and respect for the culture of others